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Philosophy-in-Business™, founded by Peter Koestenbaum, Ph.D., applies the depth and history of philosophy to today's bottom line business issues in the New Economy for breakthrough results.

PiB's goal is to create a "win-win" in the New Economy by taking a fresh and deep approach to the clash between two imperatives of our time: business results and human values. Philosophy-in-Business goes beyond bland compromises and banal clichés.

Our leadership offerings address paradox in the New Economy without superficially favoring either business realities or social values.

Our first priority is to help you address your intractable, nagging problems with wisdom and depth. Only by reaching the deeper, universal issues can you break through your unique "stuck points."


The Koestenbaum Institute ("KI") develops and markets products and customizes leadership processes based on Peter Koestenbaum's philosophy and model, the Leadership Diamond®. The Institute conducts consulting, training, seminars and coaching, using its own resources and a worldwide network of partners, trained and licensed by KI.

Leadership is a priority issue worldwide as enterprises and governments experience continuous change driven by the New Economy - privatization, deregulation, globalization, innovation, short time to market, ever-increasing competition. KI's leadership offerings enhance the value of human capital, which has become a dominant asset in many enterprises, by developing leadership in a critical mass of individuals. These leaders, individually and collectively, create better opportunities for enterprises and governments to survive, grow and prosper in the New Economy.

The Institute's core products include:

The Leadership Diamond® - Platform Workshop

The Leadership Diamond® - Advanced Workshop

The Leadership Diamond® - Creativity Workshop

The Leadership Diamond® - Simulation

The Leadership Diamond® - Enterprise Assessment

The Leadership Diamond® - Personal Profile

The Leadership Diamond® - Executive Dialogue
    (when interviewing executive candidates).

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