Leadership Self Assessment 

Taking a look at your Leadership Diamond® profile is a powerful way to expand your leadership capacity. As you gain insight and skills, your Diamond evolves and you expand your potential for greatness. By greatness, we mean making a positive difference or achieving significant, breakthrough results at work and beyond.

This questionnaire is intended to help you quickly capture your perceptions of your Leadership Diamond®  profile so that you may hone in on your opportunities for growth. Don't be easy on your self-evaluation. Your honest self-assessment will give you the most value.

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Score each of the questions below, using the rating scale provided.

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I ...
1. identify fresh and innovative approaches to existing situations.
2. deal with conflicts and disagreements with others quickly.
3. sort out the relevant and important facts and information.
4. actively encourage teamwork and cooperation and help build agreement when working with others.
5. think logically and in a disciplined manner.
6. am willing to make tough decisions, even if they may adversely affect others.
7. achieve goals and objectives within budget and/or on time.
8. instill a commitment to quality and excellence in co-workers.
9. quickly find relationships and connections between seemingly unrelated facts and events.
10. champion ideas or plans of action I believe in.
11. regularly seek and accept feedback from others about my behavior.
12. mentor, coach and develop others, including those who do not work directly with me.
13. anticipate change and perceive trends before they become apparent to others.
14. constructively manage my anxiety and do not allow it to overwhelm me.
15. update my skills and professional knowledge on a regular basis.
16. give support to business associates, family and community.
17. see possibilities or solutions where none seem to exist.
18. make decisions under time pressure and/or with limited information.
19. know my "customers" and understand their requirements.
20. am open and friendly; and easily connect with people.
21. question the way things are and look for ways to improve or do things differently.
22. am not afraid to examine and deal with personal problems or traumas.
23. recognize and cope well with the realities of organizational politics.
24. enjoy the success of others as though it were my own.
25. take time to reflect on who I really am and where my life is going.
26. am willing to admit to mistakes and change accordingly.
27. see things the way they are, not how I wish they were.
28. have a reputation for keeping agreements and commitments made to others.
29. anticipate future consequences or implications of current situations or events.
30. feel in control of my life and decisions.
31. am a survivor and take care of myself.
32. donate time or money to helping others on a regular basis.
33. am open to trying new ways of doing things.
34. stay focused and push ahead even when I have doubts or when others disagree.
35. am in touch with the world - people, nature and myself.
36. am sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
37. recognize the creative and innovative ideas of others.
38. maintain self-motivation and work standards in the face of disappointment and rejection.
39. direct my self-development to meet the needs of my internal and external customers.
40. build personal and business relationships on mutual trust and respect.

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  Submit your scores to receive your Leadership Diamond® profile report. Your profile will reflect your current perceptions of how you tend to think and act. It is a beginning point of reference for your continuing leadership growth and should not be used for ranking or comparative purposes.
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