THE EXECUTIVE DIALOGUE includes a 52-item questionnaire that uses the Leadership Diamond® model to help senior management enter into meaningful Diamond-based leadership dialogue with potential candidates for key positions. The Executive Dialogue questionnaire is intended to capture a candidate's perceptions of his/her Diamond profile as a focal point of reference for your interviewing process.


Provides focus and insight with regard to the candidate's skills, maturity, mental and emotional capacity, deeper "self" and ability to "hold polarity."

Guides interviewer to "red flag" areas where a candidate may be strong to a fault

Creates a framework for discussing a full range of leadership issues


The candidate completes the questionnaire.

Results are tabulated and analyzed by the interviewer.

The interviewer and candidate dialogue about the results, with the interviewer focusing on specific insights and "red flags" indicated by the questionnaire.

After the interview, the interviewer shares feedback with others involved in the selection process.

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